City-Led Rezonings

Staff has been tasked by City Council to implement zoning recommendations from the City of Doraville Comprehensive Plan as shown in the Future Development Map, pictured below.

Future Development Map

rezoning progress
City-initiated Rezoning Progress as of September 2021

Table of Completed Rezonings

Case Number  Topic / Address(es) Planning Commission
City Council Action
Z-21-16 Rezone properties at 4400 and 4800 Motors Industrial Way from SD-1 (Motors District) to T-5 (Urban Center). 9/1/21  
Z-21-14 Rezone various properties on Flowers Road and School Drive. 8/4/21  
Z-21-10 Rezone various properties on Clearview Place and Clearview Parkway. 7/7/21  Approved 7/21/21 
Z-21-09 City-initiated rezoning of various properties on Motors Industrial Way and Peachtree Industrial Boulevard.  6/2/21 Approved 7/21/21 
Z-21-08 Rezone from O-I (Office-Institutional) to T-4 (General Urban).    
Z-21-07 Rezoning parcels on north Tilly Mill Road and Chestnut Drive from M-1 + C-2 to O-I + O-W. 4/7/21 Approved 4/21/21 
Z-21-02 Rezoning parcels on Oakcliff Road and Oakcliff Industrial Ct from M-1 to O-W. 2/3/21  Approved 4/21/21
Z-20-10 Rezoning parcels on ITP I-85 frontage from M-1 and R-3 to O-I & O-W 12/2/20 Approved
Z-20-09 Rezoning C-1 parcels on Woodwin Road and Beacon Drive to T-5 and R-1. 12/2/20 Approved with amendments 1/20/21
Z-20-07 Rezoning BuHi corridor inside I-285 to LCC Zoning Districts (T-4 & T-5). 10/6/20 Approved 11/18/20
Z-20-06 Rezoning BuHi corridor outside I-285 to LCC Zoning Districts (T-4 & T-5). 10/7/20 Approved 11/18/20

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