Apply for a Permit Online or Via Email
Due to the Coronavirus, City Hall has limited hours open to the public.  City staff is working remotely.  View staff contacts to reach out with questions.  Applications may be submitted through our online permit portal or via email to   Thank you for your patience during this time.  

lease provide the following minimum information in the email: 

•  Complete permit application (found here)
•  Subject line of email: permit type requested and address of property
•  Body of email: your contact information and a clear description of the scope of work proposed.
•  Required documents and applicable building codes: scroll below.  Maximum size of each digital file is 25 MB.

Permit Types (see below for required submission documents)

•    Commercial
•    Multi-family Residential (townhomes, apartments, condominiums)
•    Single-family / Duplex          
           •    Fencing Requirements
           •    Shed Requirements
•    Land Disturbance  / Demolition
•    Lot Subdivision, Combination, or Replat
•    Sign Permits
•    Trade Permits (HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing)
•    Tree Permits
•    Residential Permit Checklist & Emergency Repairs
•    Temporary Outdoor Restaurant/Cafe Operations Permit

Applicable Building Codes
Click here

Required Documents for Submission
•    Complete Permit Application
•    Contractor's License: Upload general contractor's license, business license, and government issued photo ID of contractor.
•    Drawings*: Upload one (1) set of drawings in PDF format, no larger than 25 MB for each digital file, stamped and signed by a Design Professional (required by O.C.G.A. § 43-4-16 [2013])

•    Site plan/Survey*:  Upload site plan / survey for any new structures and additions to existing structures (include setback dimensions from property lines) or to show location of any proposed fence. For existing single-family/duplex  site plan may be hand-drawn.
•    Photographs: Upload photographs for any exterior building alterations, additions (e.g. driveways, fencing, patio decks, sheds, garages, etc.).  Photographs should be set far back enough to view the exterior facade of the dwelling and yard area where alterations are proposed, and to document any trees potentially impacted.  
•    Fences: include photo of proposed fence style (wood privacy, picket, decorative, chainlink) and indicate height dimensions and color of fence.

* Single-family/Duplex/Townhome/Condo Homeowner: submission of hand-sketched drawings (with dimensions) of site plan, floor plans (existing and proposed), and elevations, drawn-to-scale are permissible.  Site plans must show property lines and setback dimensions from property lines.

Note:  Tree permits for any impacted trees will not be issued until review of the site plan is complete.

Review Process
All projects require plan review by the city. Depending on the elements of your project, it may also require review by DeKalb County or other government agencies (for elements such as water, sewer, health, life safety, or streambuffers, erosion control).  If your project requires review by DeKalb County (or other  agencies, the city will provide you a routing sheet and directions to the other government offices. Once your project has been approved by any other required government agencies, you will need to upload the approval sheets to your permit online.

Fee Payment
We will email or call to let you know when the city’s plan review is finished. Once plans have been approved, you may pay your fees by Visa or MasterCard online. The city will issue a permit for your project and provide your approved plans. To estimate your fees, you can review the Fee Schedule.

The Doraville City Council approved a waiver of certain residential permit fees for homeowners with home improvement needs to their existing homes.  Refer to the approved Council Resolution to learn  which fees are waived.  
Permit fees are not waived for new home construction.
Fees are waived  for 90-days during the period of July 1st through September 30, 2020.  


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