The City of Doraville is moving to a new platform for online permitting (Cloudpermit). Beginning Saturday, June 3, 2023,  you will no longer be able to access the current permit portal. Permits progress will carry over to the new portal. 

Create an account to submit and access applications at

Watch this tutorial on how to apply.

Please provide questions or feedback on the portal to

Before June 3, 2023 - Apply for a Permit, or Search for an Existing Permit -
Click Here

Click the link above to apply for the following permits:
•    Commercial Building Permit
•    Residential Building Permit*

•    Sign Permits
•    Tree Permits
•    Trade Permits (HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing)
•    Land Disturbance Permits
•    Plats / Lot Combinations

* If you are a homeowner doing the work yourself, please type "Owner" in the "Search Contractors" field at the top of the form.

Solar Permits
Click here for more information on permits for residential and commercial solar panels.

Other Permit Applications (click the links below to view, download or print application forms)
•    Temporary Outdoor Seating for Restaurants
•    Right of Way Encroachment Permit Application

Residential Permit Requirements + Cheat Sheets
Below you'll find the requirements for different kinds of projects that require a residential building permit. Please click the links below to view, download or print the requirements.

•    What needs a permit?
•    ¿Esto necesita un permiso?
     •    Emergency Repairs
•    Additions
•   Carports
•    Driveways
       •    Example Supporting Material for Driveways
•    Fences
•    Garages
•    Sheds

Remote Inspections For Residential Properties
Doraville is happy to announce that we are implementing remote inspections for certain kinds of permitted work. These kinds of programs are growing in popularity, and currently utilized by hundreds of jurisdictions around the country.

Remote inspections are an alternative to on-site inspections, and allows City staff to perform building inspections without unnecessary human contact.

  • Remote inspections are only permitted on residential properties.
  • All remote inspections will be conducted with the contractor or technician performing the installation.
  • If an issue is found during the inspection, the contractor or technician may make the necessary corrections immediately.
  • This eliminates the need for numerous visits by inspectors, greatly shortening the timeline for homeowners, contractors, and City staff.
Note:  Tree permits for any impacted trees will not be issued until review of the site plan is complete.

Review Process
All projects require plan review by the City. Depending on the elements of your project, it may also require review by Dekalb County or other government agencies.  If your project requires review by Dekalb County or other agencies, the City will provide you a routing sheet. Once your project has been approved by any other required agencies, you will upload the approval sheets to your permit.

Fee Payment
We will email or call to let you know when the city’s plan review is finished. Once plans have been approved, you may pay your fees online. The city will issue a permit for your project and provide your approved plans. To estimate your fees, you can review the Fee Schedule.

Property Owner Authorization Affidavit
Homeowner Declaration Affidavit
General Contractor Affidavit
Subcontractor Affidavit
Authorized Permit Agent Form
Photovoltaic Tree Affidavit

Third Party Inspectors and Reviewers
NOTICE: the State of Georgia has adopted new laws allowing applicants seeking permits to utilize third party inspectors and reviewers in lieu of the city. For those interested in serving as a third party inspector or reviewer, you must complete this application and submit it to the Doraville Planning Department. 

Community Solutions by Design
SAFEbuilt Georgia, LLC

Third Party Review/Inspection Form

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