BuHi Walk at Pinetree Plaza

Project Summary

The BuHi Walk is a proposed pedestrian pathway that will better connect existing shopping centers with their rich o­fferings of restaurants and retailers by adding public art and amenities to provide a more engaging walking environment. The BuHi Walk has the potential to make a significant impact with little funding and will further add to the reputation of Buford Highway as a destination for eating and entertainment throughout the Atlanta region and other regions across the globe.
Cities often install creative crosswalks as an artistic community enhancement or even a municipal branding effort, but they also can have safety benefits over the standard white stripes. Drivers tend to notice patterns and bright colors more than the tried-and-true white paint on asphalt. As Austin's creative crosswalk website succinctly puts it: 
"In addition to being fun, they can raise awareness of pedestrian safety." 
Source: Smart Cities Dive

BuHi Walk at Pinetree Plaza reduced (003)           Proposed BuHi Walk Route

buhi 1            Proposed Sidewalk Connection at Pinetree Plaza

buhi 2             Closeup of the Proposed BuHi Walk Portion at Pinetree Plaza

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