Buford Highway Corridor Area Rezoning

Update: The rezoning was approved by the Doraville City Council on November 18, 2020.

The City of Doraville is initiating rezoning properties along and near the Buford Highway Corridor from the existing, predominately commercial zoning districts to the T-5 (Urban Center) district in the Livable Communities Code (LCC).

The rezoning of this corridor is intended to implement the recommendations from the Doraville 2017-2037 Comprehensive Plan and Buford Highway (BuHi) LCI Study which envision the transformation of the corridor as properties are redeveloped. Both plans were completed with extensive input and support from residents, business owners, and other community stakeholders. The rezoning would add the opportunity for new multi-family residential development, while maintaining and encouraging  an increase in the number of our culturally diverse businesses.  The regulations include urban design requirements that promote a pedestrian-oriented, walkable built environment.

Interactive Map

Maps Identifying Properties to be Rezoned
Official Property Owner Notification Letters


Click on meeting links to view Agendas and participate in the Virtual Live Stream Meetings:
•    Planning Commission Meetings  September 2  and October 7, 2020
•    City Council Meetings  October 21 and November 18, 2020


August 18, 2020  Public Virtual Meeting - Outside I-285

August 18, 2020 Meeting Video  
August 20, 2020  Public Virtual  Meeting - Inside I-285
August 20, 2020 Meeting Video

Additional Documents
Public Flyers
Zoning District Comparison C-1 and T-5
Zoning District Comparison C-2 and T-5

Existing Zoning District Regulations
C-1  and C-2 districts
M-1 district
T-4 and T-5  LCC Code

Contact us if you have any questions:
Naomi Siodmok: naomi.siodmok@doravillega.us or 770-901-7945
Auston Shelton: austin.shelton@doravillega.us or 470-622-9357

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