Limb Collection Services

Limbs Collection

On a biweekly (every 2 weeks) basis, the City of Doraville Public Works Department will use a Clamp Truck to collect tree limbs, branches, and brushes from residential property for yard debris that was created by the resident.

All tree limbs, branches, and bushes can not be more than 6 inches in diameter in order for them to be picked up.

Tree limbs, bushes, or branches that are greater than 8 feet in length need to be cut to below 5 feet in length and place in an organized pile on the curb not blocking the sidewalk or entering the road. A single pile must not exceed more than 10 feet in diameter or 4 feet in height.  Make sure that the debris is placed in an unobstructed area ( no overhead wires, vehicles, fences, mailbox, etc.).

Piles that do not meet these criteria or have trash or other contaminants ( rocks, excessive dirt, etc, manufactured/household wood) will not be picked up.

The service will fluctuate due to volume and unforeseen circumstances but the Public Works department will attempt to service all areas within the week and adjust the frequency based on weather and other factors. If a pile is out longer than two weeks please call the Public Works Office at 470-294-2486 to alert us about the issue.

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