City Clerk

Office of the City Clerk
Allison Tarpley Photo
Allison Tarpley, City Clerk

City Clerk's Office - City Hall,  3725 Park Avenue, Doraville, GA 30340
Phone: (770) 451-8745    

The Office of the City Clerk is responsible for maintaining the official records of City of Doraville Government, and provide a neutral and impartial source for obtaining information.  The Clerk’s Office provides several key functions vital to local government and citizens of the city.
  • Prepare Council Meeting Agendas
  • Keep an accurate record and minutes of all meetings of the City Council
  • Custodian of the City Seal
  • Maintain the City's Code of Ordinances
  • Serves as the City Election Superintendent and chief registrar coordinating elections and complying with federal and state guidelines and laws on elections and voting rights
  • Qualifies Candidates for city elections and files campaign reports during elections
  • Publish legal notices, recording of official documents with appropriate agencies
  • Open Records Requests
  • Maintain Integrity of Official City Records and Archives
  • Oversee City Records Management and Retention Schedule
  • Proclamations


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