Capital Projects

Capital Projects

* SPLOST funded

New Peachtree Road LCI Project
Budget: 3.5 million
Contractor:  Ohmshiv Construction
Anticipated Completion Date: Summer 2022
Phase: Construction

The Project consists of the construction of new pedestrian facilities by implementing a road diet along New Peachtree Road. This construction will include asphalt resurfacing as well as landscape buffers and beautification features.

Oakcliff Road and Winters Chapel Paving
Budget: 1.1 million
Contractor:  Stewart Brothers Inc.
Anticipated Completion Date: Fall 2021
Phase: Construction 

Oakcliff Road and Winters Chapel Road will be milled, patched, and paved along with restriped according to GDOT standards.  

Shallowford Road Sidewalk*
Budget: $150,000
Contractor: SD & C Inc.
Anticipated Completion Date: September 2020
Phase: Completed

This project was to remove and replace the concrete sidewalk, concrete curb & gutters, and grade & stripe Shallowford Rd from the intersection at New Peachtree Road to the newly built elementary school, Doraville United Elementary.

Citywide Pavement Projects*
Budget: $1,170,123
Contractor: SD & C Inc.
Anticipated  Completion Date: July 2020
Phase: Completed

For 2020, the following streets and roads have been milled, patch, and resurfaced. 

  • Aztec Road
  • Bankers Industrial Drive
  • Jess Norman Way
  • Wilton Avenue
  • Windsor Oak Drive
  • Redwood Street
  • Aspen Woods Court
  • Aspen Woods Entry
  • Oakcliff Industrial Street

Oakcliff Phase 1*
Budget: $75,000
Contractor: SD & C Inc.
Anticipated  Completion Date: April 2020
Phase: Completed

This project improved the turning radius on Oakcliff Road from Windsor Oak and Pin Oak Circle. This project also has removed the triangle islands in the crosswalk, widened the pavement, and widened the sidewalk.

Extension Service Building/ Pan Asian Building Demolition*
Budget: $144,000
Contractor: Tristar America LLC
Phase: Completed

This project included the demolition of two vacant city-owned buildings on Park Avenue, east of the Doraville MARTA station. The first to go was a former CPACS facility that also had been the City's police station at one time. The other building most recently had been occupied by the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension.

Citywide Street Striping*
Budget: $788,930
Contractor: Blount Construction
Anticipated  Completion Date: April 2020
Phase: Completed

This project included the installation of striping on Doraville's streets for safety and traffic control. The project includes:

  • Winter Chapel Rd
  • Wheeler Rd
  • Chestnut Rd
  • Park Ave
  • Civic Center Parking Lot
  • Honeysuckle Parking Lot

Citywide Signage*
Budget: $25,000
Contractor: FASTSIGNS
Anticipated  Completion Date: September 2019
Phase: Completed

Replace and update wayfinding and park signs in the City.

Brook Parks Improvements* 
Budget: $36,247.49
Contractor: Lewis Construction & Consulting, Inc.  
Anticipated  Completion Date: June 2019
Phase: Completed

Improvement and upgrades to Brook Parks equipment and structures.

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