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The latest phase in the city‘s street pavement program was completed in December, patching the equivalent of approximately three surface miles. Doraville has approximately 47 miles of streets, each with a of about 10 years. Repairs have to be done on an ongoing basis to save the city the cost of even further repairs as deterioration exceeds repairs. The winning bid for this particular phase went to C.W. Matthews Paving. The street portions addressed, in order of completion, were: English Oak Drive, Tilly Mill Road, Longmire Way, School Drive, Pine Street, McClave Drive.

Repaving streets is a regular part of annual capital improvements

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is    Road Enchancements to Oakcliff Road 

Road improvements to Oakcliff Road is scheduled to begin Sunday, May 15th. Enhancements to Oakcliff Road will make the area much safer for walking pedestrians and the neighboring communities; construction is expected to be completed by August 2017.