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Purpose of Event:  
Event Date:

  Start Time End Time  
Recurring Event:
  Yes   No
Public Event:   Yes   No

Admission Fees:   Yes   No

Within City Limits
 Yes    No
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Does the Organization and/or Individual carry any personal liability injury insurance that will cover all participants and spectators in programs and/or events listed above?  Yes    No 
Facilities may be reserved up to 3 months in advance; however  NO reservation will be cofirmed until Agreement is approved and payment is received in full.  

The individual or group whose name appears above has reserved this facility and is entitled to its use for the period indicated above and should relinquish the facility at the end of the reserved time. 

Please refer to the City's policy regarding reservations and information on facility usage.  The policy is designed to assist you and/or your group in having a safe and enjoyable event.   

Alcoholic beverages or other illicit drugs are prohibited and shall not be brought into served or sold on City of Doraville property.

Each facility must be cleaned after use whether it is the gymnasium, restrooms, hallways, classrooms or concession area.  Area must be cleared and all debris removed from floors and trash must be placed in containers and taken out after each event. 

Security deposit refunds are processed within Two (2) weeks after each event, and refunds are contingent upon the facility being returned to its original condition and keys returned to the office.