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Traffic Calming and Stormwater Mitigation Projects

In 2015, the City of Doraville Councilmembers approved the study of traffic and stormwater problems in Doraville.  Issues observed include illegal cut-through truck traffic on neighborhood streets, speeding cars, poor sidewalk infrastructure, and a lack of bus and bicycle infrastructure, stormwater drainage issues, and smartphone applications (such as Waze) that direct drivers onto local neighborhood streets to reduce travel time.  These issues present an opportunity for the City to make capital improvments to enhance our built enviroment.  These include streetscape improvements such as new sidewalks, street lights and street trees, new bicycle and bus stop facilities, and new stormwater infrastructure.  These improvements will be phased as funding sources are identified.  The ultimate goal is to protect our residential neighborhoods and enhance the quality of life within Doraville.  Click the links below to see the design concepts approved by the Doraville City Council on April 11, 2016:

Oakcliff Road
Chestnut Drive
Winters Chapel Road