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Residential Permit Checklist & Emergency Repairs
Due to the Coronavirus, City Hall is closed to the public.  City staff is working remotely, submit any questions or permits to   Refer to our Permits page to submit permits online or via email.  Emergency repairs may proceed for removal of fallen trees, roof damage, water pipe/plumbing issues, and/or failures of electrical/mechanical/HVAC systems. 

Residential Permits (single-family/duplex/townhome/condo owner)
Certain renovations/alterations for residential dwellings are exempt from permits.  Click on the checklist to see what requires permits.  Residential Permit Checklist and Exemptions.

Steps for Conducting Emergency Repairs
(1)  Email notification to City: provide notice of emergency repair work needed.
       •   In the email subject bar indicate "Emergency Repairs and property address"
In body of the email provide description of emergency repairs and your contact information

(2)  Photographic/video Documentation: Document existing conditions/damages, and progress of repairs being made with photographs and video.  This is critical to determine extent of damages, and verify compliance with code requirements. 

(3)  Permit Submission: Within three (3) days of commencing repairs, submit building permit application.  

(4)  Inspections: Inspections of work performed are required to ensure compliance with building life safety codes and zoning regulations.  Some inspections may be conducted via video conferencing.  Do not close up any interior walls/ceilings/floors prior to inspection.

Additional Information to be Aware of:
Code Compliance: Repair work performed must comply with applicable building life safety codes and zoning regulations.
•    Licensed contractors are required to perform any plumbing, electrical, HVAC/mechanical work, construct retaining walls greater than 48” tall, and any structural alterations/repairs.

 Click here for permits.