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Historic Downtown Doraville Redevelopment Masterplan

151207_Doraville MPlan Civic
151207_Doraville MPlan Gateway
Doraville is currently facing new development opportunities that could transform the city in the coming years.  Over its long history, key projects have impacted the city’s development, such as the 2011 LCI, the 2005-2025 Comprehensive Plan, and the adopted LCC form-based zoning code.  Today’s City facilities consist of eight separated buildings, most of which have incurred a series of expensive repair costs.  Our current buildings are severely over capacity meanwhile the surrounding open space and parking is severely under capacity.  The goal is to update our buildings into a more urban setting and consolidate onto one campus, freeing up the remainder of the land to transit-oriented mixed-use development and expansion of Flowers Park into a stormwater detention park.  The adjacency to the MARTA station and vantage point at the node of I-85 and I-285 is highly sought after by business owners and residential property managers alike, providing quick access to almost anywhere in Atlanta through all modes of transportation.  On January 19, 2016, Doraville City Council approved the masterplan concept and City Staff is currently preparing a Request for Proposals. 

Doraville Procurement Opportunities